Small Group Training

The program was built on these primary concepts:

1. Teaching proper mechanics in an engaging and encouraging environment.

2. Showing players how to push themselves out of their comfort zone to improve skills and conditioning, and then how to continue to train with intensity on their own between sessions.

3. Ensure players have an understanding of why they are learning a particular skill or move and how and when they would use it in a game.

4. Keep players in game shape and improve skills so they are ready / ahead when basketball resumes.

*We have found that this unprecedented time has been a great time to really focus on proper mechanics and players will reap the rewards for their careers


High Performance Training is a program to improve the individual skills of players and is more advanced and games focused than our development program. The program will improve a players individual and team skills, in-game decision, and understanding of basic/advance strategy.


$180 for 6 weeks includes a reversible basketball jersey, shorts and a basketball. Program starts September 27th.


All players returning with a Monarchs jersey, shorts and ball receive $30 off your program fees. Mississauga residents receive $20 off the program. Receive $15 off your program fees for every additional program or sibling registered*. *Some program restrictions apply for programs with promotions.