The Monarchs can take you from beginner to elite level of play. The pathway is broken down into stages, with each stage bringing you closer to fulfilling your basketball goals.  What stage should you sign up for?  To start, if you have never played basketball before, or you have played with friends, or on your school team, The Development program is where you should start. Progress from there to our D-League, then City League, and Varsity League.  At each stage you are evaluated before progressing to the next level. To play on a Rep team, we host open tryouts each fall, but keep in mind that the preparation stages for Rep come long before the tryout. The player pathway is the best place to get the skills to play at the Rep level.

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    Grades: JK - 12

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    Grades: 1 - 12

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    Grades: 3 - 12

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Boys Development


The Monarchs development program focuses on teaching and strengthening the fundamentals of basketball based on age and skill level. Youth will learn new skills, as well as build and improve on the skills they have already learned through the use of specialized drills, game play and competitions. For the Monarchs, development is about having fun, while also encouraging and motivating through hard work and fair play.


Boys League

GRADES: 1 – 12

The Monarch’s League is geared for boys’ grades 1 to 12 who are looking to play on a team and gain game experience in a fun/competitive format. The League combines professional coaching and coached officials, the league format includes a playoff season and an emphasis on team-skills development and team building.



GRADES: 3 – 12

  • Have participated in Monarchs Stage 3 – City or Varsity
  • Play Rep
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