City League

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    Grades: JK-12

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    3v3 City League

    Grades: 3-12

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    City League

    Grades: 1-8

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    Varsity League

    Grades: 9-12

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    Grades: 3-12


Monarchs City League is geared for boys ages 6 to 13 (Gr. 1-8) who have been in a development program or prior intermediate basketball experience and are looking to play on a team in a competitive format. City League emphasizes on team-skills development and team-building.
The program includes a professional coaching staff, official referees, a playoff season and a championship game

The 3v3 City League is designed for players age 8 to 18 (Gr. 3-12). It is a Development League where players will be playing 3 on 3 to learn about ball movement, spacing, and individual and team skills in a half-court format.

Pre Req: Must be referred or complete the Development program.

  • Uniform and basketball are required (can be purchased online under SHOP). Please schedule uniform or basketball pickup prior to start day of program
  • Bring indoor athletic shoes, athletic attire, and a water bottle.
  • Ensure you know the exact date and location you’re registered for
  • Arrive 10 mins early for start time of program
  • 1 Coach per 8-12 Players
  • Each program is 1hr and 30 mins. Warm-up starts 5 mins after the start time.
  • Each team goes through the coaches’ weekly game plan, and teaching concept before the games begin 
  • There will be practice weeks and game weeks

Depending on coaches’ recommendation - Rep/AAU or continue City League


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